Experience The Challenge Coach in action in this collection of videos, podcasts and webinars.


Positive Discipline

Pascale leads an online workshop with fellow life coach Marlene McCallum, explaining why positive discipline the new way to parent your kids.

Parent Encouragement Tips

Pascale shares top tips on encouraging kids; new ways to have meaningful family meal times; kids’ bedtime routines; and helping your child brush their teeth.

Should Parents Still Spank Their Children?

Pascale is the Parenting Expert on Fox5 News’ GoodDay DC morning show, discussing whether spanking children is a good idea or not. (Spoiler alert: It’s *NOT*).

PEP Encouragement Minutes

As a PEP leader, Pascale offers short 1 minute videos of encouragement to support parents during this difficult time.

WBO Member in the Spotlight

Pascale is featured as the Director of Corporate Services at Sequence Counseling and Consulting Services with the Women Business Owners (WBO) of Montgomery County.

Thought Leader Life – Credibility Nation

In this video, Pascale is interviewed as a ‘Thought Leader’ by Global Credibility Expert, Mitchell Levy to give an insight on what it takes to be credible in her line of work.


Parenting the Adlerian Way

Pascale is the guest on Alyson Schafer’s “Parenting the Adlerian Way” podcast. They chat about one of the main tenets of Adlerian psychology – encouragement.

Growth Mindset

Pascale joins Nanny Martha Reddick in a discussion on mindset and how we can help instill this in children.

Power Struggles with Kids

Pascale chats with Martha Reddick about what is behind power struggles, what they materialize as (ranging from tantrums to laziness), and how to diffuse them.

Power Struggles with Parents

Pascale and Martha talk about how to prevent future problems, by addressing them before they grow.

Adlerian Psychology

Pascale is the guest on Hanna Kebbede’s Talk Radio Show “Taastta Talk”. They discuss Adlerian Psychology and how it is relevant to mental wellness.

How to Tell Your Kids You’re Moving

When you move as a family you have to take into account the well-being of your children. How do you inform and prepare them? Pascale shares her advice here.

Parenting 411 – Positive Discipline

Pascale is a guest expert discussing Positive Discipline on Carol Muleta and Patsy Anderson’s Baltimore radio show, Parenting 411 (featured on 1010AM Talk Radio WOLB).

The Business of Intuition

Dean Newlund and Pascale discuss calming your brain and facing your day while persevering through tough situations; being aware of the energy you are putting out into the universe; being grateful and showing gratitude even when faced with hardship; and the coaching game, Play Your Life.


PEP Parenting Strategies in the Age of the Coronavirus

Pascale leads 3 of the webinars in PEP’s free series of time-tested parenting strategies to support and encourage you during this scary and difficult time.

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