By the end of 5 months (of coaching with Pascale), I was able to find a new and invigorating career path and am more excited than ever to be doing what I’m doing. Her coaching served as a catalyst to my career development and I cannot stress enough how huge of an emotional relief it was to have someone as attentive and caring as Pascale working with me through this process.

Domenic Smith



As with most things, there are life cycles to our work or career trajectories. Many of us get to a point where we are no longer feeling satisfied with where we are in our work life.

It could be that after having worked for 25 years in the same company, you are being let go – but you are not done paying your mortgage and your kids’ college tuition. You haven’t written a resume or had an interview in 25 years!! And you think you are too old to get hired any more … You are feeling insecure and very anxious as a result. Possibly even panicked.

Or maybe you’ve followed your expat spouse around the world for two decades, giving up your original career, while raising your children – but they have now flown the coop and you are wondering: “Who am I – and what do I do now?”

If you are not feeling challenged enough, or maybe not appreciated, you might feel that you are in the wrong career or the wrong workplace and need to make a change.





Whatever the case maybe, our coaching helps you navigate the questions and the difficulties of your work life and your career: we help you transform your work challenges into professional growth and success.

If your big question is “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING NEXT, ALL I KNOW IS THAT THIS IS NOT IT”, we have developed a powerful “Work Challenge Methodology” © which will systematically lead you through a thorough process, from self-discovery and finding your passion, to either the successful obtention of a new job or the creation of your own business, or maybe even the decision that work is not what you should be doing right now; and all the steps in between.





At the end of our work together, you will feel like you are exactly doing the work you were meant to do: you are feeling empowered and productive, in flow, fulfilled, and you have a strong sense that you are contributing something meaningful to yourself and to the world. Your life has direction and meaning.

These are some of the issues we work on in work or career coaching:

  • Defining work or career options – What am I meant to do, what do I want to do?
  • Job search support: how do I get that job?
  • Resume writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Performance coaching: how can I get better at what I do?
  • Managing inter-personal work relationships
  • Self confidence
  • Communication
  • Getting organized
  • Expatriation: cross-cultural orientation and integration

Please note: this list is not exhaustive – if you don’t find your personal career or work challenge on this list, it’s not that we can’t work on it. We simply couldn’t list every single work or career challenge there is in a short list. Want to know if we can work on your issue? Just get in touch and ask!

Are you READY for fulfillment in your work?

If you would like to chat about what The Challenge Coach can offer you, please get in touch, or explore the other services on offer:

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