This has been the most impactful training I ever experienced. You develop powerful mental muscles to deal with challenges with much less stress and greater clarity, creativity, and resilience.

Adam McGraw, American Express

Program benefit


Measuring mental fitness

Mental fitness is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage/prefrontal cortex) versus the negative (Saboteur/limbic (survival) brain). This measure of your Mental Fitness is called PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient). Research with 500,000 participants has shown PQ to be the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential.


Breakthrough results of boosting PQ

Performance: You perform better while working less hard—similar to athletes “in the zone.”
Happiness: You feel less stressed, more peace, and consistent happiness, even in tough times.
Relationships: You improve relationships, able to handle conflicts in ways that deepen trust and harmony.

  • 37% More Sales
  • 31% Better Performance
  • 19% Better Diagnosis
  • 3X Creative

PQ training

Boosting your mental fitness requires building powerful new muscles in your brain, not just insight. Combining weekly video sessions and an exclusive App, you are guided step-by-step over a six-week period to boost the 3 core muscles of mental fitness. The increased grey matter in the “Sage” region of the brain is visible in MRI imaging within 8 weeks. The experience is often described as lifechanging.


Program contents

Find out more details on the program’s website.

Every participant downloads the PQ app which is the portal to the program contents. The app contains:

  • The Daily Focus:
    • One 2 minute video is uploaded to introduce the focus of the day
    • Three 2 minute guided PQ reps exercises released throughout the day
    • One Journal exercise released at the end of the day (with short reflection questions)
  • The PQ Gym: contains 12 PQ Reps exercises of different lengths and different focus for anyone who wishes to do more PQ Rep practice that’s what in the Daily Focus
  • The Community (a chat for participants to share with each other)
  • The Modules (where the weekly classes are uploaded and stored)
  • Your dashboard (to track your own progress)
  • The 8 first chapters of the accompanying book in audio book format.

Every weekend, a one-hour long course video is uploaded to the app which kicks off the week – and which participants have the whole weekend to watch or listen to.

For four days a week starting on Tuesday, a new Daily Focus is uploaded and participants go back to the app 5 times throughout the day for 2mns or less each time to practice (so a max of 10mns/day).

Once a week, participants have:

  • Either a meeting in a Pod
  • or a private meeting with me, the PQ Coach,

to share and support you in your learning and progress.


Minimum time investment recap for participants

  • One hour weekly class video
  • One weekly Pod or private debrief meeting (15 to 30mns long depending on Pod size)
  • Daily 2mns x5 = 10 minutes/day for four days
  • Optional: audio book

Weekly time investment total: about two hours/week for 6 weeks at your own pace.


Cost – Full satisfaction guarantee (***)

(*) There’s an option to join a weekly public POD program instead of individual coaching and that’s no additional cost. The program cost in this case is only $100 for the seat. This is reserved for existing coaching clients only.
(**) To be charged at the start of the program.
(***) 100% money back guarantee if you do the work and you do not notice any changes.


What happens after the 6 week program ends?

There are two options:

1- Keep using the app for one year from the start of your program at no cost (but with no additional content added). This enables you to finish the book and continue to use the PQ Gym and track your daily PQ reps.
2- Join the GROW program, which also allows you to keep using the app but with additional added weekly materials. Cost is $20/month.


Program schedule at a glance

Ready to join?

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