You might be wondering why I call myself The Challenge Coach…

When I was going through my coach training in 2005, I pondered the logical niche for my coaching. Based on my background as a French/German immigrant to the United States, my experience as an international sales executive and expatriate, and my certification as a parent educator, it seemed natural to be a coach for expats and parents.

Yet once I announced this focus to the world, those who came to me for coaching almost never had anything in common, and very few came for parent or expat coaching. They were every age and gender, from every socioeconomic background, all wealth levels, every spiritual belief and nationality, and covered every role from students to parents to retirees and every profession in between.

However, one common factor eventually started emerging: everyone was facing very significant life challenges and struggling to get through them on their own. These “life challenges” were everything from marriage or relationships at large, divorce, parenting, work or career, communication, to illness and death, abuse of some sort, depression, near-homelessness… you name it. Any MAJOR life challenge. And often, the people coming to see me are facing more than one challenge at a time.

Then it dawned on me: I have faced and dealt with many of those significant challenges—and more—in my own life:

  • From personal childhood illness to parental divorce and blended families.
  • From a seriously ill child to a spouse who suffered with and died of cancer.
  • From expatriation to immigration.
  • From being a corporate executive to being out of work and eventually starting my own business.

It became obvious that I could relate to, understand and help clients with these life challenges. While I understand that each story is individual and unique, there’s one thing we all have in common: life will throw us challenges, and we rarely come equipped with the emotional and psychological tools to deal with them.

As you can imagine from my own painful life experiences, my toolbox is now pretty full. Resilience, courage, self-awareness, self-confidence, communication skills…I’ve gained a lot of tools over the years. I am well equipped to deal with the life challenges that will undoubtedly continue coming my way. Just as I am well equipped and ready to help you build and grow your own toolbox. Your life challenges aren’t going anywhere until you deal with them. So if you’re ready to get to work, I’m ready to help.

If you would like to learn more about me, read my official bio.

Thank you for visiting. I hope I have inspired you to give me a call to try on a coaching sample session!

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