It’s a very useful product. I feel more knowledgeable (…) It made me think about things that in general I don’t take time to think about (…) I learned more about myself (…) I feel in place, confident and resourceful (…) I feel fantastic. I was able to revalidate my feelings and my thoughts about the place where I work.

Max Sucee

‘Joue Ta Vie’ – or in English, ‘Play Your Life’ – is a revolutionary tool to facilitate personal and organizational growth toward happiness and success. It is a playful application of Positive Psychology, with a twist of western philosophy, resulting in an approach that is simultaneously fast, powerful and deeply meaningful.

Pascale is a fully certified Joue Ta Vie Coach and uses this tool to help her clients free their great potential, learn from their failure, build resilience, give a sense of direction to their actions and build confidence to achieve their goals. Continual improvement, perseverance and resilience are the key to happiness and success, and with this process, it is made easy and accessible. People who have tried Joue Ta Vie say it is “powerful, life changing, efficient and immediately rewarding!”

Results* observed after a one-on-one session with the game:

  • 98% of participants make quick good sound decisions, take concrete actions and experiment new behaviors;
  • 86% of participants feel more motivated and engaged;
  • 93% of participants find a sense of purpose, are happier and feel positive emotions;
  • 53% of participants better understand life and human nature;
  • 70% of participants have a more positive vision of coaching and self-development;
  • 99% of participants are satisfied with the results and willing to renew the experience;
  • 99.9% of participants recommend it;
  • 97% of participants are ‘in the flow’ by being totally absorbed. 

*Results communicated at the French Congress of Positive Psychology in 2019. Study issued by JM’G Consulting on 182 participants.

Want to know more?

In this podcast Pascale chats to Dean Newlund about Joue Ta Vie as well as calming your brain and facing your day while persevering through tough situations; being aware of the energy you are putting out into the universe; and being grateful and showing gratitude even when faced with hardship.

Are you READY to play your life?

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