Why do clients choose The Challenge Coach? 

Thanks to Pascale’s coaching, individuals, couples, groups and teams are transforming the challenges they face into opportunities for courageous growth, both at home and in the work place. In their own words, here is what some people have to say about the value and benefits of working with Pascale.

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Individual Coaching

Before having met Pascale, I was frustrated with where I was in my life and felt lost when it came to thinking about my future. Where am I headed? What do I want to do with my life? What am I capable of doing? These were but a few of the questions that I struggled to answer on a daily basis.

Within the first meeting with Pascale, I knew that what I was struggling with was going to be solved, that I now had someone eager to help me piece the puzzle of my life together. That hopelessness that comes from aimlessly wandering forward, not having any concrete direction or goal in mind, quickly dissipated. I not only have a path, carefully and thoughtfully laid out in front of me, but a path as bright as the sun. A brightness that reciprocates the excitement and passion I have for what lays at the end.

My weeks are now filled, taken up by the steps that will get me where I want to go. I no longer feel frustrated, I no longer feel lost. I know what I want to do, and I am happily hurling towards it. I want to say this is all thanks to Pascale for the work she’s done with me, but I can hear her voice in my head saying “you did all the work, I take no responsibility!” That alone should tell you all you need to know.


Pascale helped me in a way that I didn't even seek her out for or know that I needed. Yes, she's incredibly educated, but she allows her strong intuition to pair seamlessly with her logic for quite a unique combination of offerings. I am forever grateful to Pascale for sharing her gifts with me and every other person lucky enough to cross her path.

Brookie Beatty

I worked with Pascale a few times to help get me through some challenges. She has a wonderful approach with laser vision that can cut through any situation and get to the heart of the matter. There is no wasted time with this lady! She leads you where you need to be to see clearly and to create a healthy decision making process. If you want to get results, call her! It is a privilege to know such a quality person.


Pascale is one of the most energetic and optimistic people I've ever worked with. She commits herself wholeheartedly to the task at hand, and is adept at rallying whatever resources are needed to get the desired result. Her passion for excellence and commitment to people is contagious and refreshing, inspiring discussions and interactions that motivate you to tackle any challenge. On top of it all, she's one of the most caring and thoughtful people I know. Anyone seeking a life coach would be well served by engaging with Pascale.


Pascale is a superior life coach. Smart, insightful, generous, compassionate, inspirational--she knows how to help you see with greater clarity, understand with greater depth, and act with greater purpose. Highly recommended.


Pascale is a strong and passionate coach. She deeply wants the most for her clients and will go to any extent to help them achieve their goals. Pascale not only focuses on making the coaching sessions valuable, but provides lightness and ease, causing change to be a positive and fun process. I highly recommend Pascale and know that she will provide any client great value.


While we worked together, Pascale was the light at the end of my tunnel. She was able to help me identify and correct problematic patterns that were holding back my success and satisfaction. She was my confidante, my cheerleader and my support system through the challenges that accompanied this journey. She was able to keep me on task, maintain my motivation and help me problem solve when my thinking was muddled or biased from past experiences. She is compassionate and genuine, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs guidance through any life challenge.


Thanks so much! You are a coach that gives me space to process, asks powerful questions at the right time, and reflects what I'm saying in a way that shows me the truth. Thank you!


I started taking coaching sessions with Mrs Brady a few months ago. When I started I was, for the most part, lost, had no self-esteem and didn’t believe I could achieve anything, I felt inferior to everyone else around me. I started coaching sessions because I had heard about it and I was really looking for someone that absolutely didn’t know me and whom I could talk to about all sorts of things without feeling judged. The first time I called Mrs Brady, she transmitted a very good and positive energy and I knew it would be promising for the rest of our sessions together. She has shown a tremendous support to me, I felt listened to. She never judged me, but only gave me tools to build up my confidence and my self-esteem. I needed these two characteristics because, when I called her for the first time, it was because of another difficulty I had: reading in public. I am a senior in high-school and I’m off to college in a couple of months and couldn’t read in public, or in class and it was a big problem for me. Mrs Brady doesn’t simply listen to you but she gives you feedback of what’s right or wrong, or what should be good to do or not. She has tons of exercices of methods that she will share with you to actually make you understand how and why you are in this situation and how you can find your way out of it. She will not do the work for you, you have to pull yourself out of the situation you are in because that is what will make you grow as a person. She is there to give you all the tools and support you need and is fantastic at her job. I was very happy to meet Mrs Brady, she helped me a lot, and we created a very good and strong bond over the months. I am still in contact with her and keep her updated on how I am doing.


Thank you so much for everything you have given me. You came into my life at a time when I was really struggling to see my own worth, both professionally as well as personally. Your support and encouragement helped me rebuild my confidence and find a way forward. For that, I shall be forever grateful.


I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with Pascale. When we started the coaching process together, I was unsure about what the next steps in my career and in my life should be. Together, we worked through a process that allowed me to develop a deeper and more intimate understanding of my values, identify what I truly want to experience in my life, as well as evaluating the overall fit and feasibility of several career paths that aligned with my interests and skill set. Each session enabled me to learn more about myself and as I learned more about my inner-self I gained more and more confidence in the direction I should go. By the end of 5 months, I was able to find a new and invigorating career path and am more excited than ever to be doing what I’m doing. Her coaching served as a catalyst to my career development and I cannot stress enough how huge of an emotional relief it was to have someone as attentive and caring as Pascale working with me through this process. Pascale is a truly amazing coach and I consider myself very lucky to have her in my life.

Domenic Smith

I cannot recommend Pascale highly enough. She's full of energy and always focused. An ability to cut through the clutter, together with an inspirational outlook and warm approach make her a pleasure to deal with. She has helped me approach some important life/work decisions with confidence and clarity. Pascale rocks!


I have known Pascale as a client of Global Life Coaching and as a student in her PEP parenting classes. She excels at helping people achieve their goals using a collection of powerful coaching exercises combined her deep knowledge of Adlerian theory. What sets Pascale apart is her energy for moving forwards, incredibly astute listening skills, enduring optimism, and genuine empathy. The work with Pascale has been life-changing.


I am so grateful for you Pascale. Your experience and knowledge are golden. When you give examples of what to say (I.e. to someones’s son) I always write them down. Thank you.


I started to make changes on the way we were working toward tantrums and since that day I have seen a huge improvement in my son (and also husband!). We completely stopped time outs and we are implementing what I learned. My son is behaving much better and everyone is a lot happier at home!

PEP Workshop Participant

Thank you, Pascale!! My husband & I really enjoyed the training. It was so helpful!


Pascale was amazing. She really helped me with life in the USA, looking for jobs and also with family decisions. I would recommend her to anyone.

Elen Watson

So special to work with you again. I am confident that the true answers will unfold and become clear just as they did in the past. Thank you Pascale!


I sought out Pascale to help me figure out what my next step in life should be. After only one session, Pascale helped me see everything more clearly, I knew what I needed to do to move forward. If you need someone direct, someone who will help you focus on the future and someone who will help you work towards your goals then you’ve come to the right person. Thank you again Pascale for everything

Coline Morise

Enterprise Coaching

Pascale is a vivacious, goal directed person who is a delight to work with. I've worked with her several times in different contexts. As a coach, she brought her laser like focus to the decisions I needed to make, helping me sort the essential from the non-essential to make my choices more clear. As a fellow teacher, she is super organized, conscientious, and effective. Anyone looking for a task oriented, strong, and successful coach will find Pascale just the right person for the job. Hire her! You won't regret it.


So far so good. We have had a very robust committee for the past few months. I think the Action Learning Experience was very successful. It allowed us to really focus on what we wanted out of the committee and by being more formal, we were able to recruit new members to the committee. We have a clear, concise agenda and a clear expectations for our members. We have lost some team members who realized this wasn’t a team they wanted to be a part of anymore – but we have gained new, enthusiastic and energized team members, who are really helping propel the team forward. I don’t think we would have been able to achieve those significant results in such a short time with any other methodologies.

Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce

I really appreciated all the tips given during the sessions to improve our capacity to stop, relax and reflect.


THANK YOU Pascale for the workshop and enlargement of my horizon.


Thank you again. You gave us so much but I could feel you had so much to give and prepared so much more.


Overall I found this process very helpful and I'm looking forward to implementing my new work processes in approach to reach my goals.


Thank you Pascale! You did a marvelous job!


Here goes my feedback on your trainings, I had a great and deep time thanks to you and all the amazing personalities in our team. Big thanks for that! Looking forward to doing that again.


Thanks again for this workshop and your preparation, energy and knowledge to make it successful.


Exceptional Coaching


Speaking, Facilitation & Training

Pascale is not only a talented life coach, she is also always willing to bring her energy, professionalism and expertise to the Job Networking Club of the Washington Accueil Association: she is very approachable, with a ''can do" mentality and a good sense of humor - She really encourages you to go the 'extra-mile'! Needless to say, Pascale is a person you would always like to have whenever you face a life/career challenge!


Everything was fabulous, Pascale had such great information to share and an awesome entertaining and informative presentation style. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and got a lot out of it!


The participation for your webinar was very, very impressive not only in terms of number of participants but geographic representation! I also thought that information on historical and cultural context to US-French differences was insightful and practical advice was very helpful and concrete.

Lydia La Ferla, VP& Board Member, Chair of Women in Leadership Committee, FACC Principal, La Ferla Associates, LLC-Strategy&Sust

Thank you for again speaking for our meeting. You are wonderful for being willing to do this for us. You are a great speaker, with your passion, your knowledge and your dynamic personality. Thank you so much for sharing.

Karen Love, DHS PTSA President

Thank you so much for a great class and follow up!! All of the classes you have provided have been very well received. Thanks to Pascale for her energy and creativity. It is always a pleasure!


A huge thank you Pascale for your generosity, you have given us a lot over the past weeks, shared your wisdom with us, you have a truly unique “hybrid” way of looking at a Transatlantic team – it is deep insight gained through your background, your personal history, your research (historical, social and psychological), and you are extremely skilled in passing on this knowledge and analysis to others. It has been one of those “chance” meetings that marks forever.

Judy Wallace, Chief Procurement Officer, Airbus OneWeb Satellites

I attended her amazing workshops this past weekend at our conference and I would love to invite her to present at our next conference. I know she would be a huge hit, and that her expertise would be well received by my community.

Workshop Attendee

Pascale was invited to speak to the Job Networking Club (at the French Embassy) on the Interviewing and Negotiation processes. She clearly knew how to present them, and made them very interesting for a multicultural and diversified background of attendees. Her enthusiasm and dynamism was really appreciated. She knew exactly how to reply to all our questions, which were numerous in this multicultural context! Her recommendations jostled our ideas on how to prepare for interviews and negotiate work contracts in the American market. It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Pascale Brady for job seekers!


Pascale is amazing! Favorite presenter so far...


I just wanted to let you know that I heard from all sides how impressed they were with your presentation. It was awesome. As I mentioned the exercise was amazing too. I don't have many early childhood memories, probably blocked them all, but the one I told was indicative of my childhood and the drawing was even more poignant. I didn't know that my childhood still had such a big impact on my life. But the most important outcome is that I can finally start rewriting my story. I never knew I could. I didn't know that it was even possible. So a BIG thank you for giving us this experience.

Elisabeth Vismans, Coach and Artist

Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful PEP presentation. I heard raves from everybody as they left the meeting. I appreciate you taking the time to share your energy and wisdom with us!


Thank you again Pascale for volunteering your time and energy to our PTA general meeting. Your presentation was fantastic and all the parents that I spoke with after agree. I was happy to take home and implement many strategies myself! Thank you so much.


Et moi j ' ai de-gus-te tes cours chaque vendredi. Passionnant le sujet et ta façon de transmettre ton savoir si enthousiaste, ton sens de la pédagogie également. J'ai A-DO-RE. J'aimerais assister à des conférences, en apprendre plus dans ce domaine, la psychologie positive et la psychologie en général. J'avais suivi quelques modules à l' époque à l' université, cela m' a toujours intéressé car je suis instit. Mais ce cours a ravivé en moi la flamme.


Thank you for the session and the follow up references. I left feeling motivated and very encouraged.

PEP Workshop Participant

Chère Pascale, Merci encore d'être venue et de nous avoir transmis cette présentation. Cela a beaucoup plus aux parents présents ! A continuer donc à la rentrée, Bon été et à bientôt.


I loved the leaders: very engaging and fun. Very supportive and non-judgmental! I always feel so much better - so encouraged - after a parenting class. Thank you!


Pascale, just wanted to thank you again for another inspiring talk tonight. I especially liked the suggestion of having a “bad table manners” night to contrast with the good table manners teaching. You have a really lively, approachable manner and I know the parents got a lot out of the talk.


I found the “Magic Shoppe” experience to be truly transformative, not only in the moment, but for every day following since. My eyes have been leaking unbidden joyful tears for no apparent reason, and miracles large and small are happening: lost-and-finally-returned money, and a years-overdue apology, to name just two. It's all really quite amazing.


Kudos to Pascale for leading this class, especially with a different partner each week.


What was great? Your skills, Pascale, so knowledgeable and your amazing facilitation skills.


Pascale is a fantastic facilitator!


Danke für das Seminar, Pascale. Es war sehr gut organisiert und die Themen waren sehr interessant.


Thanks very much for guiding us and sharing your knowledge with us during the workshop.


Thanks for the workshop and all your efforts to make it positive.


I am writing you this email to thank you for deciding to be part of SingleParentPower and be of great support in spreading our challenge and launching the community. You have believed in us and that is something very valuable to me because not only have you been a participant in this project, but you have also made it possible for many dreams I had to come true. THANK YOU and I know that soon we will meet again within the community.


Thanks, Pascale!  I really enjoyed the class.  Time well spent.


Merci à vous Pascale. Je suis vraiment désolée de n’avoir pu rester jusqu’au bout ce soir, mais j’ai déjà beaucoup appris grâce à votre présentation. Le rituel des gratitudes est un « Life saver » et toute la famille le pratique désormais.


That was a wonderful session last Thursday!  What a nice respite from the week to take an hour to look inward and reset.  Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with our group. While we were only a group of 10, I think everyone on the call got a lot out of it.  We needed it  - last week was a tough one. You are very gifted and I am so grateful that you chose to share your gifts with our community.


WOW, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation!  You hit it out of the ballpark!!!  It was SO powerful and heartfelt!!!!.  I think you captured the audience from the moment you started speaking with your tender story about how your day began.... 

Your unbridled enthusiasm, honesty and vulnerability brought the topic to life.  Your powerpoint with personal photographs and slides, was right on the mark -- Filled with lots of "meat" and strategies.  So well organized!  Your exercise was spot on and engaging and brought your points home...  I hope you can take in the awesomeness of your presentation and feel the pride!!!  (In both your accomplishment(s) and that of your daughters')  I also loved the video -- such talent!!!  Thanks so much for your sharing!

What a role model you are of courage, tenacity and humility!  You go girl!!!

Kudos and Congratulations!


Thank you so much for the amazing training about working with the French!



J’adore tes messages Pascale, so much good energy pour démarrer la semaine!


Thanks to all for putting together a terrific newsletter! I particularly enjoyed the article by Pascale, Nicole and Kathy on coaching in education. I appreciate your support!


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