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I am so grateful for you Pascale. Your experience and knowledge are golden. When you give examples of what to say (I.e. to someones’s son) I always write them down. Thank you

 — Anon.

Hey Pascale, I just wanted to let you know that I heard from all sides how impressed they were with your presentation. It was awesome. As I mentioned the exercise was amazing too. I don't have many early childhood memories, probably blocked them all, but the one I told was indicative of my childhood and the drawing was even more poignant. I didn't know that my childhood still had such a big impact on my life. But the most important outcome is that I can finally start rewriting my story. I never knew I could. I didn't know that it was even possible. So a BIG thank you for giving us this experience.

 — Elisabeth Vismans, Coach and Artist

Thank you again Pascale for volunteering your time and energy to our PTA general meeting. Your presentation was fantastic and all the parents that I spoke with after agree. I was happy to take home and implement many strategies myself! Thank you so much,

Thank you, Pascale!! My husband & I really enjoyed the training. It was so helpful!

 — M.

Thanks to all for putting together a terrific newsletter! I particularly enjoyed the article by Pascale, Nicole and Kathy on coaching in education. I appreciate your support! Enjoy the weekend!

 — Joy

Thank you for again speaking for our meeting. You are wonderful for being willing to do this for us. You are a great speaker, with your passion, your knowledge and your dynamic personality. Thank you so much for sharing.

 — Karen Love, DHS PTSA President

Et moi j ' ai de-gus-te tes cours chaque vendredi . Passionnant le sujet et ta façon de transmettre ton savoir si enthousiaste , ton sens de la pédagogie également . J ' ai A-DO-RE . J ' aimerais assister à des conférences , en apprendre plus dans ce domaine , la psychologie positive et la psychologie en général .J ' avais suivi quelques modules à l ' époque à l ' université , cela m ' a toujours intéressé car je suis instit . Mais ce cours a ravivé en moi la flamme .

 — N.N.

Chère Pascale, Merci encore d'être venue et de nous avoir transmis cette présentation. Cela a beaucoup plus aux parents présents ! A continuer donc à la rentrée, Bon été et à bientôt

J’adore tes messages Pascale, so much good energy pour démarrer la semaine !!

 — O.A.

Dear Pascale, Thank you so much for everything you have given me. You came into my life at a time when I was really struggling to see my own worth, both preofessionally as well as personally. Your support and encouragement helped me rebuild my confidence and find a way forward. For that, I shall be forever grateful. Warm wishes,

 — RL