A huge thank you Pascale for your generosity, you have given us a lot over the past weeks, shared your wisdom with us, you have a truly unique “hybrid” way of looking at a Transatlantic team – it is deep insight gained through your background, your personal history, your research (historical, social and psychological), and you are extremely skilled in passing on this knowledge and analysis to others. It has been one of those “chance” meetings that marks forever.

Judy Wallace, Chief Procurement Officer, Airbus OneWeb Satellites.

The Challenge Coach’s mission is to support clients in transforming their challenges into growth and success. These goals can be achieved through individual, group or team coaching, but they can also be achieved by having participants attend a workshop or a motivational speaking engagement.

The Challenge Coach conducts workshops or can be a featured speaker at conventions, public forums, conferences, organizational retreats, or for your special interest group.

Pascale’s high energy and dynamic talks are customized to meet your specific needs and interests, are based on research and experience, and are engaging, interactive and inspirational. Audiences and participants alike leave the workshop or talk feeling inspired, energized, and motivated.

Feel good

Sessions can range from short one- to two-hour presentations, to half-day or full-day seminars.

Here are examples of some recent topics:


Life Coaching Topics


  • Loving the Challenge
  • Know What YOU Want
  • What’s Next???
  • The Road of Life
  • The Balance of Life and Work
  • Become Your Most Courageous Self
  • Resilient and Ready: Thrive Through Challenge and Change
  • Neuroscience and Mindfulness: What’s it to You?
  • Positive Psychology: Why it Matters and How


Career Coaching Topics


  • Job Search and Coaching
  • The Work Challenge
  • Interviewing: Beyond your Resume – Who are YOU Really?


Parent Coaching Topics


  • Parenting 101
  • Children: The Challenge
  • Parenting a Child with Serious Health Issues


Expat Coaching Topics


  • The Challenges of Expatriation
  • Working Across Cultures


Whatever your upcoming event, let’s find a time to discuss ideas about how a thought-provoking talk or a workshop could enhance your meeting. Either get in touch or schedule yourself in for an appointment to talk about your requirements:

If you’re ready to go ahead, you can check The Challenge Coach’s availability and book online:

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