I loved this Ikigai coaching - it is atypical but very powerful. I still feel the energy of what came out of it.


The Joue Ta Vie (Play Your Life) Ikigai Coaching is for YOU if you:

  • Have the feeling that you have gotten lost along the way or that you are in survival mode.
  • Wonder about the meaning of your life and more generally about the meaning of life.
  • Are thinking of taking a new career path, but you haven’t dared take the plunge.
  • Seek to unravel the mystery of your “mission”.
  • Want to know yourself better, to feel like you belong, are useful and energized.

To live without making space for the spiritual dimension of our existence is no longer possible. The pandemic gave rise to questions about the meaning of our life, of life in general, and ultimately what contributes to our well-being and happiness. More than ever, we need a compass and to play an active part in our own lives.

I can help you ask yourself the right questions and guide you so that you find the pleasure of living a life full of meaning.

“Ikigai” is the Japanese equivalent of “reason for being” and “joie de vivre”. It is what motivates us, makes us want to get up every morning to contribute and become a gift to the world. Embodying our Ikigai is the only way to be happy and to positively influence the future of humanity.

The Theory

The “Joue ta Vie” (Play Your Life) Ikigai Coaching is based on an introspective process and the use of playful and intuitive tools. It is very effective in supporting:

  • People in search of meaning.
  • Teenagers who are thinking about their orientation.
  • Adults in professional retraining.
  • Employees at work.

It is perfect for connecting with one’s inner child, identifying talents, recognizing one’s values, developing potential, or enriching a skills assessment. It powerfully helps to boost self-confidence and to accelerate the completion of a project.

With the Joue Ta Vie Ikigai coaching, you will return to YOUR source to discover the real Japanese Ikigai, a deeply spiritual model, which is very different than the Western diagram model.

The Practice

  • The coaching is facilitated in 90 minutes.
  • The support is holistic: it treats mind and body at the same time which generates a deep sense of well-being and contentment.
  • This model of spiritual coaching is based on the fundamentals of neuroscience, positive psychology, and the lesser known current of transpersonal psychology

Are you READY to find your IKIGAI?

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