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I worked with Pascale a few times to help get me through some challenges. She has a wonderful approach with laser vision that can cut through any situation and get to the heart of the matter. There is no wasted time with this lady! She leads you where you need to be to see clearly and to create a healthy decision making process. If you want to get results, call her! It is a privilege to know such a quality person.

 — Isabelle

Pascale was invited to speak to the Job Networking Club (at the French Embassy) on the Interviewing and Negotiation processes. She clearly knew how to present them, and made them very interesting for a multicultural and diversified background of attendees. Her enthusiasm and dynamism was really appreciated. She knew exactly how to reply to all our questions, which were numerous in this multicultural context! Her recommendations jostled our ideas on how to prepare for interviews and negotiate work contracts in the American market. It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Pascale Brady for job seekers!

 — Anne

I met Pascale at the Job Networking Club of the Washington Accueil Association (held at the French Embassy in DC) where she presented on various topics including Job interview and contract negotiation. Pascale is not only a talented life coach, she is also always willing to bring her energy, professionalism and expertise to the Club: she is very approachable, with a ''can do" mentality and a good sense of humor - She really encourages you to go the 'extra-mile'! Needless to say, Pascale is a person you would always like to have whenever you face a life/career challenge!

 — Fabienne

Pascale is a vivacious, goal directed person who is a delight to work with. I've worked with her several times in different contexts. As a coach, she brought her laser like focus to the decisions I needed to make, helping me sort the essential from the non-essential to make my choices more clear. As a fellow teacher, she is super organized, conscientious, and effective. Anyone looking for a task oriented, strong, and successful coach will find Pascale just the right person for the job. Hire her! You won't regret it.

 — Emory

Pascale is a superior life coach. Smart, insightful, generous, compassionate, inspirational--she knows how to help you see with greater clarity, understand with greater depth, and act with greater purpose. Highly recommended.

 — M.

I cannot recommend Pascale highly enough. She's full of energy and always focused. An ability to cut through the clutter, together with an inspirational outlook and warm approach make her a pleasure to deal with. She has helped me approach some important life/work decisions with confidence and clarity. Pascale rocks!

 — Amber

I have known Pascale as a client of Global Life Coaching and as a student in her PEP parenting classes. She excels at helping people achieve their goals using a collection of powerful coaching exercises combined her deep knowledge of Adlerian theory. What sets Pascale apart is her energy for moving forwards, incredibly astute listening skills, enduring optimism, and genuine empathy. The work with Pascale has been life-changing.

 — Catherine