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J’adore tes messages Pascale, so much good energy pour démarrer la semaine !!

 — O.A.

Dear Pascale, Thank you so much for everything you have given me. You came into my life at a time when I was really struggling to see my own worth, both preofessionally as well as personally. Your support and encouragement helped me rebuild my confidence and find a way forward. For that, I shall be forever grateful. Warm wishes,

 — RL

[...] I attended her amazing workshops this past weekend at our conference and I would love to invite her to present at our next conference. I know she would be a huge hit, and that her expertise would be well received by my community. Workshop Attendee

Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful PEP presentation. I heard raves from everybody as they left the meeting. I appreciate you taking the time to share your energy and wisdom with us!

 — E.K. - PTA

I have found the workshop informative, and I am glad I have attended it.

 — EW

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with Pascale. When we started the coaching process together, I was unsure about what the next steps in my career and in my life should be. Together, we worked through a process that allowed me to develop a deeper and more intimate understanding of my values, identify what I truly want to experience in my life, as well as evaluating the overall fit and feasibility of several career paths that aligned with my interests and skill set. Each session enabled me to learn more about myself and as I learned more about my inner-self I gained more and more confidence in the direction I should go. By the end of 5 months, I was able to find a new and invigorating career path and am more excited than ever to be doing what I’m doing. Her coaching served as a catalyst to my career development and I cannot stress enough how huge of an emotional relief it was to have someone as attentive and caring as Pascale working with me through this process. Pascale is a truly amazing coach and I consider myself very lucky to have her in my life.

 — Domenic Smith

Thank you for the session and the follow up references. I left feeling motivated and very encouraged.

 — Z. Pep Workshop Participant

I started taking coaching sessions with Mrs Brady a few months ago. When I started I was, for the most part, lost, had no self-esteem and didn’t believe I could achieve anything , I felt inferior to everyone else around me. I started coaching sessions because I had heard about it and I was really looking for someone that absolutely didn’t know me and whom I could talk to about all sorts of things without feeling judged. The first time I called Mrs Brady, she transmitted a very good and positive energy and I knew it would be promising for the rest of our sessions together. She has shown a tremendous support to me, I felt listened to. She never judged me, but only gave me tools to build up my confidence and my self-esteem. I needed these two characteristics because, when I called her for the first time, it was because of an another difficulty I had : reading in public. I am a senior in high-school and I’m off to college in a couple of months and couldn’t read in public , or in class and it was a big problem for me. Mrs Brady doesn’t simply listen to you but she gives you a feed back of what’s right or wrong , or what should be good to do or not. She has tons of exercices , of methods that she will share with you to actually make you understand how and why you are in this situation and how you can find your way out of it. She will not do the work for you , you have to pull yourself out of the situation you are in because that is what will make you grow as a person. She is there to give you all the tools and support you need and is fantastic at her job. I was very happy to meet Mrs Brady , she helped me a lot , and we created a very good and strong bond over the months. I am still in contact with her and keep her updated on how I am doing.

 — O.E.

Since the meeting i started to make changes on the way we were working toward tantrums and since that day i have seen huge improvement in my son and also husband. We stopped completely time outs and we are implementing what i learned that day. My son is behaving very good and everyone is a lot happier at home!!! Thank you so much for your hard work!

 — K, PEP workshop participant

Pascale is amazing! Favorite presenter so far ...