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Parent Coaching

The Headaches of Parenting

Have you ever been close to wanting to quit your parenting job and just walk away? Secretly wished there was a magic wand to either turn your kids into pumpkins or transport you to some kid-free island?

Your household sometimes feels like a war zone and no matter what parenting technique you use, you don’t seem to be able to get things under control. You are mentally and physically exhausted.

Maybe you’ve read all the parenting books you could find and still feel like nothing is changing. You see that what you are doing isn’t working but you don’t know what else to do. You feel very lonely and you often feel like a failure. How hard can this job be??

Since you have had children, you’ve become this new person you didn’t even know existed, and you don’t like her very much: your emotions toggle between stress, anger, worry or guilt. You feel defeated, at a loss, hopeless and very discouraged.

These moments are clues that you might need a parenting coach!

Solution and Results

With parent coaching, you will better understand your children’s behaviors, acquire the tools to help you handle them more effectively, and learn the skills to raise the good citizens of tomorrow. Through the parent coaching process, you feel heard, understood and supported, and reach a state of peaceful and hopeful parenting. Your family becomes an encouraged and cooperative family, of which everyone is a proud and happy member! With parent coaching, parenting can be fun again. Don’t take our word for it! Contact us and we’ll tell you how.

These are some of the issues we work on in parent coaching:

Please note: this is just a sample of some of the issues we can work on – but nothing is off-limits when it comes to parent coaching!! Want to find out if we can work on your specific parenting problem? Just contact us and we can tell you. Also, please note that if you have taken a parenting class or workshop at PEP (The Parent Encouragement Program), their Individual Parenting Consult Program is available to you and might be another great resource.

  • Discipline that works
  • Irresponsible children
  • Not listening
  • The Big Battles (eating, sleeping, brushing teeth, doing homework, cleaning up…)
  • Power struggles
  • Fighting Siblings
  • Setting limits effectively
  • How to use Consequences
  • Whining
  • Chore Wars
  • Anger Management, Tantrums
  • Parenting children with health issues
  • Dealing with the modern plague: screens
  • Co-parenting
  • Blended families
  • Gender issues


Are you READY for joyful parenting?

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