The Challenge Coach
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A collection of podcasts, videos and webinars featuring Pascale Brady, the Challenge Coach.

  • Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset

    Pascale joins Nanny Martha Reddick in a discussion on mindset and how we can help instill this in children.

    Media Type: podcast

  • Power Struggles with Kids

    Power Struggles with Kids

    Pascale chats with Martha Reddick about what is behind power struggles, what they materialize as (ranging from tantrums to laziness), and how to diffuse them.

    Media Type: podcast

  • Power Struggles with Parents

    Power Struggles with Parents

    Pascale and Martha talk about how to prevent future problems, by addressing them before they grow!

    Media Type: podcast

  • Positive Discipline

    Positive Discipline

    Pascale leads an online workshop with fellow life coach Marlene McCallum, who is also founder of The Most Powerful Life. Pascale hones in on positive discipline, explaining why it is the new way to parent your kids.

    Media Type: video

  • Stop the Yelling, Start the Cooperation

    Stop the Yelling, Start the Cooperation

    If you are a parent or guardian, you know that problems can quickly escalate into an unproductive yelling-match. Why does this happen, and how do we break the viscous cycle?

    Media Type: webinar

  • 411 Parenting - Positive Discipline

    411 Parenting - Positive Discipline

    Pascale is featured as one of the guest experts on Carol Muleta and Patsy Anderson's Baltimore radio show “Parenting 411” which is featured on 1010AM Talk Radio WOLB - where the topic of the day is “Positive Discipline”

    Media Type: audio

  • Adlerian Psychology

    Adlerian Psychology

    Pascale is the guest of Hanna Kebbede on her Talk Radio Show “Taastta Talk”: they discuss Adlerian Psychology and how it is relevant to mental wellness.

    Media Type: podcast

  • Understanding Bullying And Friendship

    Understanding Bullying And Friendship

    This workshop will give parents tools for supporting children in meeting social challenges with confidence.

    Media Type: webinar

  • Taming The Electronics Beasts

    Taming The Electronics Beasts

    If you’re concerned about the time your children spend with electronics – what they might be doing, or what they’re NOT doing when glued to a screen – join in this workshop

    Media Type: webinar

  • Pep Short Video Clips

    Pep Short Video Clips

    Watch short video clips about various parenting tips: encouraging kids, family meal time, Bedtime routine and Teeth brushing.

    Media Type: video