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Hello everybody, and welcome to The Challenge Coach blog!

I’m very excited and happy to be on this adventure with you! We’re not exactly sure where we’re going, but we’re going! And when I say “we” – I am talking about my daughters and I: this is going to be a “blog 6 hands”. I will be writing most posts, but sometimes they will, and sometimes we will be writing them together! I am also looking forward to inviting a bunch of guest bloggers on my blog – because I believe that the more the merrier and also that it takes a village.

My name is Pascale Brady, and I am the Challenge Coach. As a life and business coach, I work with my clients on getting through to the other side of their challenges. For some clients, that means working on their personal life challenges which could be relationship issues, parenting problems, or finding their true passion. For others, it might be work or career issues. But for all, the goal is always the same: get through the challenges, and transform them into growth and success …  

For years, I’ve known and have been told repeatedly, at conferences or by various experts, that the way to really become successful in any business, and especially in the coaching business, is to start writing. My reaction was always the same: I have nothing new to say! Everything interesting has already been written by someone else, and who needs another blog anyway? There’s a gazillion blogs, newsletters, social media posts and ebooks being written every day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to read everything that’s out there. Even when it is highly interesting and well written. In addition, I’m an action woman:  I’d much rather be in front of a room talking to people face to face about challenge coaching or any other topic of interest, or I’d rather be in the middle of a coaching session, rather than sitting at my desk writing. This is the reason why I pretty much built my business model in a way that did not include writing of any kind.

And then suddenly, something happened. My first born left for college. As a parting gift, she gave me a jar filled with 180 little handwritten notes, one for each day that she was going to be gone for her first semester.

I began reading one note each day after she left, and one day while walking my pup in the woods, I had an epiphany (most of my epiphanies happen in the woods – not yours?!) - that these small love notes my daughter wrote me would be a fantastic framework for my blog posts. She had labeled the jar full of notes, the “mama jar”, so if you are now intrigued to find out what they are all about, look for the blog posts titled “mama jar.”

There will however be other topics covered in my blog, some of them inspired by the news of the day, others inspired by the work of the day, and yet others simply based on musings of the moment. If you know me at all, have been on any of my social media, or have read my website, you may have noticed that I’m the quote woman. Thus, some of my posts may even be quote inspired.

Either way, the last thing I want is to bore you, to waste your time, or have you get irritated with me. And by the way, remember: you have options! If I become very prolific, you do not have to receive every post into your mailbox. Do what I do: change your settings!!

But I will try to keep this interesting for you, and I would very much appreciate if this could be a dialogue. Please comment, react, and send me your feedback! I’m not sure if I will always be able to answer, but I promise you I will always read. I look forward to starting this conversation with you. Thank you for reading my first blog post!